Planning family night activities can sometimes be a challenge.
On this page we offer some ideas that might be useful. In the near future we will expand on each of these ideas.
  • Take the family to dinner.
  • Take a ride on the bus.
  • Plan a special event.
  • Rent or Go to a movie.
  • Play a game.
  • Take a walk in a park.
  • Go to a ball game.
  • Be an anoymouse giver.
  • Discover something new.
  • Surf the web for an idea.
  • Go to the planetarium.
  • Visit an aquarium.
  • Discuss family treasures.
  • Go shopping.
  • Create a memory.
  • Read a book.
  • Take family pictures.
  • Study the scribtures.
  • Work on family geneology.
  • Create helpfull coupons.
  • Discuss current events.
  • Cook something unusual.
  • Build A Solar Cooker.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Visit a rest home.
  • Make a gift.
  • Send email to family or friends.
  • Send an electroning greeting card
  • Build a family web site.
  • Make a family movie.
  • Create a family time capsul.
  • Plan a family budget.
  • Have a family party.
  • Set family and/or individual goals.
  • Take a gravesite tour.
  • Do a scavenger hunt.
  • Help someone in need.
  • Enjoy a mini vacation.

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  • Very interesting and good idea here for the family member to enjoy the beautiful day. I’m sure the number of people get participated in such activities and enjoy the weekend together.

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